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dyscalculia testThe Best Dyscalculia Test Around…

If you are looking to carry out a dyscalculia test, the best material around is The Dyscalculia Assessment by Jane Emerson, who is Director of Emerson House, a centre for dyscalculia, dyslexia and dyspraxia in London.


Dyscalculia Test – Overview

The Dyscalculia Assessment is a comprehensive guide that allows you to carry out a dyscalculia test to assess a person’s ability with numbers.  The assessment is an investigation into what a person can do with numbers and how they think about them with a view to planning an appropriate programme to help improve their numeracy.

The assessment includes a suggested script for the assessor to follow.  This script enables the assessor to look at the subject’s skill and knowledge in the following six areas: number sense and counting; calculation; place value; multiplication and division; word problems; and written numeracy.

The assessment can be completed in just one hour, or it can be split over several sessions, and it is not necessary to complete the whole thing in order to make an assessment of the subject’s numeracy.  This means that the test can be drawn to a close if the subject starts to have difficult, to avoid any embarrassment or distress.

In addition to the suggested script The Dyscalculia Assessment also provides detailed guidance on how to carry out the assessment as well as forms to record the results and findings.


Analysis Of Results

Having regard to how far the subject gets through the assessment, and how well they do, The Dyscalulia Assessment will help you to identify that person’s level of numeracy, the point at which assistance is required, and any areas that require particular focus.

The dyscalculia test is designed to be carried out in an informal environment so as to accurately assess the subject’s numeracy abilities free from the influences of stress and anxiety.

In that kind of environment this assessment will provide information to help determine the reasons why the subject is struggling in a certain area.  Once the information is gathered a suitable plan can be put in place to address the areas that need improvement.

The Dyscalculia Assessment includes a handy interpretation section to help the assessor identify the pupil’s errors and any lack of understanding, providing useful examples for assistance.

This section of the book also provides practical advice for forming a suitable programme to improve the subject’s numeracy, based upon how they did on assessment.


dyscalculia testThe Best Dyscalulia Test – Conclusion

All in all this is the best resource around to assess a subject’s numeracy skills with a view to planning an appropraite programme to improve them thereafter.


Dyscalculia Test – Reviews

The Dyscalculia Assessment has received high praise from parents, partners and professionals from all over the world.  Here are a few examples:

“This book is a wonderfully comprehensive and clear guide to assessing and then remediating dyscalculic difficulties.” Sue Lilley, Specialist Teacher

“A comprehensive support for anyone teaching children with significant mathematics difficulties of any kind. It provides an accessible assessment tool with a detailed guide to children’s possible responses, based on current research about significant aspects of knowledge and understanding. There is guidance on what to do about the difficulties identified, using a structured approach to learning mathematics which emphasises understanding and reasoning, practical models and talk…This is an extremely useful resource for those working with underachieving children. It combines a direct way of identifying key difficulties with a tried-and-tested teaching approach.Sue Gifford, PGCE Programme Convenor (Primary), Roehampton University, London, UK

Dyscalulia Test Reviews

“This book is essential to anyone working with children with dyscalculia, providing a comprehensive guide to individual assessment. It helps special educators to profile areas of strength and weakness in the different components of mathematics, connecting assessment directly to remedial instruction. The text is easy to read, and takes the teacher through the nuts and bolts of the assessment process from start to finish.” Anna J. Wilson, Lecturer in Learning , University of Canterbury and Honorary Research Associate, University of Auckland, New Zealand

“This book is a really useful resource if you have a student who has been struggling with maths- it helps you know just where the intervention is needed.There are some useful ideas for how to respond to the assessment, great information in the appendices,too. There is a follow on book due out in the Autumn which I hope will be just as good with more strategies for ways forward.A very useful tool. Definitely recommended.” Amazon.co.uk reviewer.

Dyscalulia Test Reviews

“I purchased this book because we have a child in the school who has severe problems in maths. We wondered if he was Dyscalculic? This book has tests in it, which can be done by anyone, no special training required. Once the tests are complete you can use the book to interpret the results. It then goes on to suggests games to play to help the child learn the basics and onwards!  I highly recommend this book to all.” Amazon.co.uk reviewer.


dyscalculia testThe Dyscalculia Assessment

The Dyscalculia Assessment by Jane Emerson averages 4.5 stars out of 5 on review and is available at Amazon.co.uk where it is currently REDUCED from £39.99 to £26.74 with FREE DELIVERY.