Dyscalculia Treatment

Dyscalculia Treatment – The Dyscalculia Toolkit

dyscalculia treatmentThe Dyscalculia Toolkit by Ronit Bird is arguably the best fom of “treatment” for dyscalculia around.

Ms Bird is a teacher whose interest in pupils with specific learning difficulties began with a focus on dyslexia. She qualified as a teacher at London University and subsequently gained a further qualification as a specialist teacher. While working with dyslexic pupils in a mainstream school, she developed strategies and teaching activities to help support the learning of pupils who were experiencing difficulties in Maths.

She has taught in both primary and secondary settings, and has worked as a SENCO in both the independent and state sectors. Ms Bird has also run training courses on dyscalculia for subject leaders, teachers and teaching assistants and she currently works as a teacher and as a contributor to professional development courses.

Her Book, The Dyscalculia Toolkit, is packed full with over 200 activities and 40 games which are designed to support learners who have difficulty numbers. Ms Bird provides a clear explanation of what dyscalculia is, and presents the resources in a straightforward fashion, easy-to-understand way.

The book is accompanied by additional material that is easily accessible on a CD-ROM, as well as printable resources and a table that indicates which activities support which difficulties.

The Dyscalculia Toolkit caters for a wide range of abilities and ages.

As well as making a great resource for specialist and non-specialist teachers working with students who have difficulty with numbers, The Dyscalculia Toolkit is also a very helpful aid to parents, partners and friends who want to help and encourage the learning and development of a dyscalculic student.


Dyscalculia Treatment – Dyscalculia Toolkit Reviews

The Dyscalculia Toolkit has received some fantastic reviews, both professionally and privately.  Here is a short selection:

“The new dyscalculia toolkit has a great introduction that is broken down into manageable chunks, brilliant explanations and interesting reading. The new tables explain what each game entails at the start of the book, making planning and using the toolkit much easier and effective especially if short on time! Very enjoyable to read, and highly recommended.”  Karen Jones, Chartered Educational Psychologist, The Educational Guidance Service.

“I particularly like the way the author promotes talk at every stage, vocalising the learning process for and with the student. I found The Dyscalculia Toolkit easy and enjoyable to read and full of practical ideas which would be accessible to the less experienced as well as the more practiced in working with children diagnosed as dyscalculic.” Heather Casey, Dyslexia Review.

“This is really good value for money as there is so much in it to help the dyscalculic learner. I am a teacher struggling to know what to do with a dyscalculic learner and this book has given me endless ideas with minimal resources to buy. Great!” Amazon.co.uk Reviewer.

This book provides clear, welcome help and support on the subject of dyscalculia through the use of games and activities.  Amazon.co.uk Reviewer.


Dyscalculia Treatment – Dyscalculia Toolkit Reviews

dyscalculia treatmentIn terms of “treating” dyscalculia it is important, once a diagnosis has been made, that a structured programme is put in place to help address the area(s) of weakness in a fun, enjoyable, yet progressive manner.  That is often quite a tricky task, but this book provides plenty of helpful activities and games to help you achieve it.

The Dyscalculia Toolkit is available at Amazon.co.uk where it is currently REDUCED to £27.98 with FREE DELIVERY.

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